This message was sent to students who have not provided documentation related to the influenza vaccination.

Dear Wake Forest student,

This message is to notify you that Wake Forest has not yet received:

  • your documentation providing proof of a flu vaccine;
  • OR a request for a medical or religious exemption;
  • OR notification that you are unable to access a flu vaccine (for international students or students currently studying abroad).

Loss of enrollment status, assigned housing

If you fail to provide the required documentation by December 15:

  • The University Registrar will begin the process of removing you from your courses. It is possible that you will not be able to register for the same courses after being removed.
  • Residence Life and Housing will begin the process of removing you from University-assigned housing (if applicable). It is possible that you will not be reassigned to the same housing after being removed.

Submitting documentation

  • If you intend to remain enrolled in campus programs in the spring of 2022, please submit your documentation as soon as possible through the Student Health Portal so it can be processed by the December 15 deadline. 
  • If you have submitted this documentation in the last 24 hours, thank you for doing so. The status of your documentation will be available in the Student Health Portal under My Profile > Immun. History:
    • If you see the flu/influenza vaccine listed (along with the date you received it) or you see an exemption listed on your Immun. History page, this means that you’re in compliance with the policy.
    • If it has been 48 hours since you submitted and you do not see your flu documentation or an exemption listed, check the Secure Messages section of the Student Health Portal. It may be that your submission needs additional information.

Please refer to the December 1 message for full details. Additional information about this requirement was sent to you in the Oct. 13, Nov. 22, and Dec. 1 messages. 

If you have questions, please submit them through the Our Way Forward website.

Ken J. Gilson, Ed.D.
Assistant Provost for Academic Administration and University Registrar

Matt Clifford, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President of Campus Life and Dean of Residence Life and Housing