Dear students,

Wake Forest will require the influenza vaccine for all students again this fall. Students must comply with this policy by getting a flu vaccine (or requesting a religious or medical exemption) by Dec. 15, 2021.

Students who fail to comply with this policy (and who have not been approved for an exemption or granted an extension of time for compliance) will not be permitted to attend in-person classes, reside in University housing, or participate in in-person activities until such time as they satisfactorily comply.

Why — First and foremost, we want our students to remain healthy. In addition, universal immunization against influenza is an important public health strategy to reduce the burden on healthcare systems on and off campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How — You can fulfill the flu vaccine requirement in one of several ways:

  • Wake Forest will offer an on-campus influenza vaccine clinic on Oct. 25 and 26 from 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. each day. The on-campus clinic is free for students. Sign up here.
    • IMPORTANT: Your flu documentation will be automatically uploaded to the Student Health Portal as long as you sign your name in the consent field. If you do not complete the consent field, you will have to upload it yourself (see below).
  • You can choose to get your flu shot off campus (e.g., doctor’s office, pharmacy or other provider). Please note you then must follow the Upload Documentation process in the Student Health Portal (choose “Upload Documentation” and then “Documentation of Influenza Vaccine”). Depending on where you get your shot, you may need to pay for your vaccine and file your own insurance, or they may file insurance for you.

NOTE: Extensions may be granted by the University for students who are participating in study abroad programs during the Fall 2021 semester. We understand that students might need to wait until their return to the U.S. before they get their flu vaccine. Additional information for impacted students will be provided closer to the end of the semester.


  • If you were approved for a religious exemption for the influenza vaccine for academic year 2020-21, that exemption carries over for 2021-22; no additional action is required on your part.
  • If you were approved for a medical exemption for the influenza vaccine for academic year 2020-21, please call the Student Health Service at 336.758.5218 to find out if your exemption is carried over to the 2021-22 year.
  • If you were approved for a medical OR religious exemption for the COVID vaccine for academic year 2021-22, that does NOT carry over automatically for the influenza vaccine. You will have to submit a separate medical or religious exemption form for the flu vaccine.
  • For new religious or medical exemption requests: you must fill out a medical or religious exemption form. Note that a medical exemption request requires your doctor to provide a detailed explanation of why you should be exempt; please give your doctor’s office sufficient time to complete the form. Religious exemption requests must include your signature.

Thank you for helping us keep our campus healthy.

— Communications and External Relations