COVID Data Retention and Disposal

In accordance with the Audit and Compliance Services Report findings (Report No Audit WFU-2204) the COVID Data Retention working group was established to develop a plan for addressing the proliferation of Google documents and email widely used to store and share information about test results, […]

Know Your Notes

Dear Faculty Colleagues, Wake Forest celebrates a unique learning experience centering engaged faculty-student relationships in a highly residential environment. Our students choose Wake because they care very much about this type of academic experience. As a caring faculty member, it can sometimes be hard to […]

Healthy Habits Reminders for Fall 2023

With another exciting academic year getting underway, Wake Forest is focused on cultivating the best learning environment possible for all students, faculty and staff. To do so, we need to keep our campus community as healthy as possible. As we transition to normalizing COVID-19, we […]