This message was sent to students who have not provided documentation related to the influenza vaccination.

Bottom Line, Up Front

  • We are already seeing cases of influenza A on campus and encourage you to get your required vaccine as soon as possible to decrease your risk of getting the flu.
  • Influenza (flu) vaccine documentation is required for all students by University policy.
  • Please submit your documentation as early as you can via the Student Health Service Portal, no later than December 15, 2021.
  • On December 15, if you have not submitted the required documentation, the University will begin the process of removing you from spring 2022 enrolled courses and assigned housing.

Dear Wake Forest student,

This message is to notify you that we are already seeing cases of influenza A on campus, and we are encouraging all Wake Forest students to get their flu vaccine as soon as possible to decrease your risk of getting the flu. 

This message is also a reminder that the flu vaccine is required this year. Wake Forest must receive the following from you by December 15 (but the sooner the better):

  • your documentation providing proof of a flu vaccine;
  • OR a request for a medical or religious exemption;
  • OR notification that you are unable to access a flu vaccine (for international students or students currently studying abroad).

If you have already received your flu vaccine:

  • Please submit your flu vaccine documentation through the Student Health Portal as soon as possible. Note: the Student Health Service is closed November 24-26; they will review your documentation when they return to campus after the Thanksgiving Break. 
  • Submitting early will allow Student Health time to review it before the December 15 deadline.

If you have not received your flu vaccine:

  • You must do so by December 15 (although we strongly encourage you to get it as soon as you can). We are already seeing cases of influenza A on campus and want you to avoid getting the flu. You can get your flu vaccine at the Student Health Service by appointment, as well as at many retail pharmacies (such as CVS and Walgreens), local health departments, and private physician offices (save your documentation from off-campus flu shots for uploading to the Student Health Portal).
  • We will continue to send reminder emails to non-compliant students during the week of final exams, as the deadline to comply is December 15. To avoid having to think about getting the flu vaccine when you are in the midst of finals, schedule your flu vaccine ASAP and upload your documentation promptly upon receipt.

If you intend to request a medical or religious exemption:

  • You must do so before Dec. 15. 
  • The status of your exemption request will be available in the Student Health Portal under My Profile > Immun. History. If you see a medical or religious exemption listed on your Immun. History page for the flu vaccine, this means that your exemption request has been reviewed and accepted. If you do not see that, check your Secure Messages within the Student Health portal.

Information for students who are currently abroad and incoming international students:

  • Students who are studying abroad this fall in WFU-sponsored programs or Affiliate programs have received separate communications about receiving the vaccine and their deadlines to submit documentation.

If you do not comply with the flu vaccination requirements:

  • Students who fail to comply with this policy (and who have not been approved for an exemption or granted an extension of time for compliance) will not be permitted to attend in-person classes, reside in University housing, or participate in in-person activities until such time as they satisfactorily comply
  • It is possible that you will not be able to register for the same classes, or be assigned to the same housing, if you are removed from spring enrollment for non-compliance with the flu vaccine requirement.
  • No refunds of tuition, housing, dining or any other fees and charges will be issued for the period of time when the student was not permitted to attend classes, reside in University housing and access campus due to non-compliance with this policy. Students who officially withdraw from the University will be given refunds in accordance with the applicable Refund Policy. 

Related Policies, Protocols, Procedures, Guidelines and Other Resources:

If you have questions, please submit them through the Our Way Forward website.

Your health, and the health of our entire community, are essential for a successful spring semester. Thank you for your prompt attention to complying with the University’s policy and for getting your flu vaccine documentation uploaded to the Student Health Portal.

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