The following message was sent to incoming students who are not yet compliant with the University’s immunization requirements


This message is being sent on behalf of University offices involved with immunization compliance 

Bottom Line, Up Front

  • You have not provided documentation that you are in compliance with the North Carolina Immunization law and the University’s immunization policy via the Health Information and Immunization Form (HIIF). It was due July 1.
  • A hold has been placed on your student account due to immunization non-compliance. The hold will remain in place until you submit documentation of your required immunizations. 
  • Students in the College and eligible graduate and/or professional school programs who do not turn in their immunization compliance documentation will not be allowed to attend in-person classes.
  • Undergraduate students who do not turn in their immunization compliance documentation will not be allowed to participate in Pre-Orientation activities or move into their residence halls (if applicable).
  • Later this summer, the University will remove students who have failed to provide the required HIIF form from enrolled fall courses. Undergraduates will be removed from their assigned fall housing (if applicable).

Dear Wake Forest student,

Wake Forest and North Carolina State law requires* documentation of certain immunizations for students attending at the University. This message is to notify you that Wake Forest has not yet received your completed Health Information and Immunization Form (HIIF). This form is required for your school/program and was due July 1. Your physician needs to complete part of the HIIF form; if they are not already working on it, you should get the form to them immediately.

* This requirement applies to all students except students residing off-campus and registering for any combination of: off-campus courses, evening courses (classes beginning after 5 p.m.), weekend courses, and/or no more than four day credit hours in on-campus courses.

If at any time the above student status changes to: on-campus courses, course load of more than four (4) credit hours, on-campus residence, and/or enrollment in day-time courses, a Certificate of Immunization or record of immunization must be presented on or before the date the person first registers for a quarter or semester.

Hold placed on your student account

  • The University has placed a hold on your account for immunization non-compliance. This hold will prevent you from making changes to your fall 2022 class schedule (including adding or dropping classes) and attending classes.
  • For undergraduate students only, this hold will also prevent you from  participating in Pre-Orientation programs or moving in to residence halls (if applicable).
  • The hold will be removed when your compliance documentation has been received and approved by our Student Health Service staff.

Please submit your completed form as soon as possible using one of the following methods:

Once your documentation is received, Student Health staff will check and verify your documentation. If there are any questions, or if your vaccine documentation is missing any required information, you will be sent a secure message through the Student Health Portal.  

Checking the status of your HIIF form documentation once submitted

Please do not contact the Student Health Service to ask if your documentation was received and accepted. You must use this self-check procedure to see your immunization compliance status:

  • Log into the Student Health Portal with your WFU email address.
  • Look at the IMMUNIZATION COMPLIANCE banner that appears at the top of your screen (pictured below).

             Example of the new student portal banner

  • If you see green checkmarks for all required vaccines in the IMMUNIZATION COMPLIANCE banner, you are in compliance with University policy. No further action is needed.
  • If you see any red Xs for required vaccines in the IMMUNIZATION COMPLIANCE banner, it means you are not yet in compliance OR that your documentation was recently submitted and is still processing, OR that your initial upload was not received. You should check your Secure Messages in the Student Health Portal to see if any additional information is needed.
  • Please allow at least three (3) business days from when you submitted your documentation before checking to allow for processing. Additional details can be found here.


  • Students who intend to request a medical or religious exemption must do so as soon as possible
  • Important note: students who are not vaccinated will be required to follow any University protocols on masking, testing, and/or quarantine and isolation. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are in person, so students in quarantine or isolation will not be able to attend class until cleared by medical personnel.

Information for international students traveling to the US from abroad

  • Wake Forest will assist students who need to receive required vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine, if approved vaccines are not available in their home country.
  • If you are unable to access required vaccines in your home country or if you have received a vaccine not authorized by the FDA or WHO (World Health Organization), you must notify the Student Health Service of your intent to comply with our vaccine policy:
    • Email
    • Use the subject line of “International Student Vaccine Extension”
    • In the body of the email, indicate your anticipated arrival date in Winston-Salem so our clinical staff can begin working with you on your immunizations

For any students who remain non-compliant 

  • You will be removed from your fall courses and assigned University housing (if applicable). We cannot guarantee that you will be able to re-enroll in the same courses or receive the same housing assignment (if applicable) once removed.

We appreciate your prompt attention to submitting your required documentation.