Your Corona Chronicle

Thursday, May 6, 2021


Find Your Sweet Spot
It’s exam time!! Search available study spaces to find your quiet corner of concentration by visiting

The Survey Said
“I love when my professors spend a moment or two before class checking in with students to see how they are doing… this always makes me feel like how I am feeling outside of class matters when I come to learn.” This gem from last week’s survey illustrated why participating in classes remained among the most frequently mentioned activities contributing to feelings of engagement, matched only by spending time with friends. Here is the link to our very last weekly survey.

Thanks for the Memories
We’ve really enjoyed talking with you each week, bringing you the info and hopefully making you chuckle a bit. It’s been a tough year, but you have managed like the amazing Wake Foresters we know you are. We’re going to say “See ya!” for now, but we’ll probably talk again in a few months.

And for Our Seniors…
To the Class of 2021 — congratulations! You did it. In a pandemic. On Zoom. With masks on. Around a fire pit. Sitting six feet away from your closest friends. Kudos. We’re so excited to see what happens next!

And always remember… COVID was no match for you. Stay safe out there.

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