Dear Fall 21 study abroad applicants,

With the spring semester coming to a close, we are writing to share some important updates and information about fall study abroad. First, you should know that we continue to actively monitor the global health and travel landscape and remain optimistic about the resumption of study abroad programming for the Fall 21 semester. To that end, the Center for Global Programs and Studies (GPS) will be open throughout the summer, and study abroad staff will be available to answer questions and provide support while you make your preparations.

Below, we have outlined some of the essential requirements, considerations, and anticipated changes for Fall 21 study abroad. Please read carefully the information that follows:

Vaccine Requirement

As a condition of participation, all students on WFU-sponsored study abroad programs will be required to demonstrate proof of an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccination. Proof of vaccination must be submitted to Wake Forest by July 1. Details on how to submit will be provided. Students studying with Affiliate programs should speak directly with their programs about any vaccination requirements.

Course Registration

Students are advised to register for on-campus courses (as a backup) and continue their applications and plans for study abroad. As programs are confirmed, students will be dropped from any Reynolda Campus course and coded/registered for study abroad.

Residence Life & Housing

Students planning to be abroad in the fall are unable to participate in the WFU Residence Life & Housing (RL&H) Reynolda Campus housing selection process. If students change their plans for fall study abroad before June 4, then they may take part in the regular housing selection process. If students withdraw or if their program is cancelled after the June 4 date, then GPS will work with RL&H to identify available options.


Students should begin the process of applying for their visas (if needed). If students are unsure about how to initiate the process, then study abroad advisors can advise on how to proceed.

Purchasing plane tickets

Currently, we recommend that students do not purchase airfare or make travel plans until program viability is confirmed. When deciding to make travel arrangements, we recommend purchasing flights directly from an airline or a trusted travel agent, as this approach will facilitate the process if any future changes are necessary. Trip cancellation insurance (e.g. Cancel For Any Reason coverage) is recommended.

Supplement to Study Abroad Student Contract

Students will be required to sign a supplement to the regular study abroad student contract. Given the unique health and safety considerations for programs abroad, participants must be particularly vigilant in complying with University requirements and holding each other accountable for adherence to COVID-19 policies and guidelines. This shared commitment will help to create and maintain the necessary conditions for a safe and healthy study abroad environment. This document will be provided to students in early May.

COVID Protocols and Health & Safety

Location-specific protocols will be provided for each Wake Forest-sponsored program site. These protocols will cover relevant information related to pre-and post-arrival requirements, housing adjustments (if any), masking and social distancing procedures, quarantine/isolation plans, etc. These protocols will be provided to students in May/June and updated as conditions warrant. As always, general health and safety protocols will adhere to local requirements and conform to Wake Forest’s standards in this regard. Similarly, all students on Wake Forest-sponsored programs will be covered by a comprehensive international health insurance policy from GeoBlue and have access to the resources of WorldAware/Crisis24 — Wake Forest’s travel risk management service. Affiliate programs will provide similar information directly to students.

Program and Personal Travel Abroad

For Wake Forest-sponsored programs, program-related and personal travel will be limited to the host country. This approach is necessary given the uncertainty and variability of countries’ entry/exit restrictions and quarantine requirements. Program staff and faculty will provide increased opportunities and resources for students to explore local cities and host countries. Most Affiliate programs are likely to have similar travel limitations for the fall semester.

Expected Final Decision Dates for Fall Study Abroad

Final decisions for the viability of Wake Forest-sponsored programs are expected to be made between July 1-15, at the latest. Until then, the university and GPS will continue to monitor travel restrictions, entry requirements and conditions worldwide, as well as review information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. State Department, WFU public health experts, and WFU on-site staff. Updates will be communicated directly to students and posted on this website. Affiliate programs will communicate any updates directly to students.

Thank you for making it through the entirety of this message. Though it may look different from years past, we believe your study abroad semester still promises to be both academically and culturally rewarding.

If you have any questions that aren’t addressed in this message or in the COVID FAQ on our website, then please reach out to us at In the weeks ahead, we will continue to provide any relevant updates to you. As stated earlier, we are here to help and are excited about the possibility of study abroad in Fall 21!


Jessica Francis
Director of Global Abroad Programs