Your Corona Chronicle

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Time Flies
… when you’re trapped in a pandemic that blindsides you. But as we stand a year away from that fateful week where things spiraled, we can also choose to take a minute to pause and remember any bright spots along the way. On the anniversary we didn’t want, we hope there are some good memories that will endure for each of you.

A Round of Shots — On the House
Group 4 (communal living) is eligible for the vaccine starting 3/17, with high-risk students receiving priority. That group is likely to expand early in April to those living on-campus and all students shortly after. To see where you fit, and to make your vaccination plan, visit

Exercise Makes Everyone a Mouth Breather
Which means we really need you to wear your masks when exercising, even outside. Accelerated breathing makes the droplets travel further. Basketball, volleyball, spikeball…anywhere you’re giving 110%, cover your game face with a mask. Pretty please.

Sweet, Savory Math
Pi Day is coming and we’re hoping to serve up a big slice of normalcy for the campus community. That’s right, our best culinary creative minds are filling crusts with all sorts of flavors guaranteed to delight. Mark your calendar for Sunday 3/14 and bring your appetite. More to come soon…

Because You Have Things to Do
Less restriction means more to do. From food trucks, trivia, films and more, it’s finally time to enjoy spring weather and get outside. For a full calendar of events, visit Corq.

And always remember…our women’s soccer team is better than anyone else’s. Number 1!

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