Thursday, March 25, 2021

Count Your Shot
We are trying to get a good handle on how many vaccines we need for our campus community. If you have been vaccinated, please share on SneezSafe because that’s what we’re using to determine how many doses we need.

Now Boarding All Remaining Rows!
Today, Governor Cooper announced that North Carolina is accelerating the vaccination timeline for Groups 4 and 5. On March 31, Group 4 will include all University faculty and staff, as well as students in congregate housing both on and off campus. Group 5 includes all adults and opens April 7. Watch your email for more information and opportunities to get the vaccination.

Petals for your Mettle
It’s safe to say after the past year we could all use a blossom of hope. Today, more than 1,000 plants have lined the steps of Wait Chapel as part of Take One, Give One. Everyone is invited to take a plant for themselves and another to give to someone else. It’s a small way to spread a little love and brighten the day.

Survey Says
Respondents to last week’s engagement survey were split pretty evenly between those who felt engaged and those who didn’t. We heard the food trucks are a hit, the University needs to create more social events and should ease up on the COVID restrictions already! We also heard that some of you are burned out and that emotional wellbeing is a concern. Emotional wellbeing is the topic of this week’s survey, and it will only take you two minutes to complete.

Tell us how you’re feeling

And always remember… SneezSafe is the friend that’s always been there for you. So return the favor and tell it if you’ve been vaccinated.

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