Your Corona Chronicle

Thursday, February 18, 2021

We’re All in This Together: A Word from Dr. Chris Ohl

We know this has been a tough few weeks, and we’re grateful for everything you have done to help us curb the spread. As Dr. Ohl says, the way we’ve gotten through is by working together — a key in the public health world.

A Ray of Light

We’re not just talking about that strange glowing orb in the sky that reared its beautiful head for a brief break from the rain this week. No, we’re specifically referencing the fact that COVID-19 numbers on campus are trending in a good direction for the first time in a while. It’s not a coincidence, and you deserve the credit. Let’s keep it going!

So What Exactly Does That Mean?

It means things will start opening up once again. We’ve heard you, and with numbers decreasing, we’re doing everything we can to start getting back to life as you knew it. Look out for an email soon that will specifically highlight which restrictions will gradually roll back.


…is what we want you to be. And that’s pretty challenging right now, as it has been for months. Fluctuating numbers, subsequent restrictions and isolation for many is a combination that can easily wreak havoc on anyone’s wellbeing. If you (or anyone you care about) is struggling with the effects of the pandemic, please know that you are not alone. Help is here, and it’s here for you.

Your Checkout Time

There’s now an easy way to track your time left in quarantine or isolation — and you can find it here.

And always remember… driving on icy roads is as solid an idea as a COVID kissing booth. Stay safe, Deacs.

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