Yesterday, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) announced that Group 3 would soon be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. Due to limited vaccine supplies and the large number of frontline workers included in Group 3, the state will prioritize child care, Pre-K, and K-12 workers beginning Feb. 24. This does not include college and university faculty and staff.

Higher Education frontline essential workers are expected to be eligible for Group 3 beginning March 10. Group 1 and Group 2, which include any individuals 65 and older, are still eligible to receive the vaccine. Those with high-risk medical conditions are included in Group 4, unless eligible for Groups 1-3. Please note: receiving the vaccine is dependent upon the available supply of vaccine provided by the state.

What does this mean for WFU? Faculty and staff who are currently required to be on-site to perform their job responsibilities are included in Group 3 and are expected to be eligible to receive the vaccine beginning March 10. Colleagues working remotely will be eligible for Group 4. Those who are unsure of which vaccine group they are eligible for should use the NCDHHS Find My Vaccine Group tool.

At this time, the university is still awaiting approval to become a vaccine provider. The estimated timing of this approval is still unknown. All active full- and part-time faculty and staff should complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Planning – Employee Survey, which will be used for planning and allocating resources for potential vaccine clinics. In the interim, Human Resources is working with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to identify opportunities for faculty, staff, and affiliate colleagues to get vaccinated. Human Resources will communicate with colleagues as they become eligible for an upcoming vaccination opportunity, in accordance with NCDHHS eligibility guidelines.

Faculty and staff should continue to closely monitor email and respond quickly to any notifications of vaccination opportunities. Colleagues should also take advantage of any other opportunity to get vaccinated. While the vaccine is not required by Wake Forest University, it is highly recommended that all employees get vaccinated.

Additionally, the CDC recently published an update on mask use, much of which was discussed by Dr. Joanne Clinch and Dr. Chris Ohl in this video.

If you have questions related to COVID-19 vaccine distribution and planning, please review these Frequently Asked Questions or submit your question(s) to Human Resources using this form.


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