Back to the Forest
As we prepare to return to campus, we’re guessing that remembering the lessons of last semester won’t require Doc Brown, Marty McFly or a DeLorean. But just in case, you received this email in December with many of the details, and we promise to keep in touch in the days leading up to your return.

The first test of the semester
Undergraduate students must be tested for COVID-19 (and submit proof of a flu shot) before moving into campus housing, accessing campus or participating in the Wake Washington program. You will be permitted to access campus or other Wake Forest facilities only with a negative test result or by meeting CDC criteria for release from isolation precautions after a positive test for COVID-19. Read more here about the type of test, the window of testing and all the other testing information you’re looking for.

Two weeks of you-time
If you plan on living on or off campus this spring, you must complete a 14-day self-quarantine concluding on the day before you arrive. You also need to log onto SneezSafe each day leading up to your return. Chances are, this isn’t your first quarantine rodeo. Avoid exposure, make smart decisions, and let’s start this semester right.

Things change
This won’t come as a surprise. But consider this a reminder that while we constantly monitor local and national numbers, we will adjust our plans to reflect the safest course of action at that time. So please stay posted and flexible.

And always remember… you did this once, and you can absolutely do it again.