Many Happy Returns

Welcome back! It just hasn’t been the same around here without you. In this special comeback edition of Your Corona Chronicle, you’ll see familiar messages and some new surprises waiting for you at your old stomping grounds. Most of all, we’re really glad you’re on your way home again, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fun and Games

Air hockey or … cardio? It’s a no-brainer, which is why we’ve transformed the second-floor cardio area of the Wellbeing Center into a socially distanced game room with ping pong, air hockey and space for one-on-none basketball. And if you’d rather study, we created more reservable study space as well.

… But Wait, There’s S’more

Manchester Quad also looks a little different. Fire pits, Adirondack chairs and plenty of open space await you on what will now be referred to as Fireside on Manchester. Enjoy the view from inside the snow globe, without the, well, you know … snow.

The Big Three

Little things continue to come up big in the fight against COVID. They are also the easiest things to forget in month 533 of the pandemic. Wash your hands often, keep your distance and wear a mask. These three things go a long way toward keeping us on campus again.

Bubble Sweet Bubble

One of the reasons we’re in Orange is because local COVID numbers are so high. When you leave the bubble and return, you run the risk of becoming a Trojan horse of virus spreading germs. We’re not on lockdown, but we strongly encourage you to stay close to home, avoid bars and restaurants, and use the common sense that got you here.

It’s Not the Good Western, It’s the Best Western. Plus!

The term “quarantine and isolation” doesn’t exactly conjure a cozy mental picture of luxury. But should you need to quarantine, we’ve done our best to make the experience as comfortable and safe as possible. For a list of policy updates, including why some off-campus students will need to quarantine at this facility, please visit here.

Yay. A Curfew in College.

It wasn’t our idea, but it makes sense. Governor Cooper has put into place a 10 p.m.–5 a.m. curfew to reduce gathering and social activity. However, on-campus libraries, study spaces and to-go dining will be available after 10 p.m.

And always remember… asymptomatic testing is just another way to say we love you. And we’ll be saying it a lot.

Have a question? Visit Our Way Forward, send us a question via this form or call our Call Center at 336-758-7500, Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST. NOTE: The Call Center also will be open from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sat., Jan. 23, and Sun., Jan. 24 in anticipation of students returning to campus.