Your Corona Chronicle

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Keeping common sense highly contagious

Finally, 2020 is hindsight

Let’s all say goodbye and good riddance to a year that won’t be missed. That’s not to say when the calendar flips to 2021 we won’t have many of the same challenges, but we do have knowledge and hope we didn’t have a few months ago. Let’s commit to using both as we jump into a new year.

A more fun way to look back

University photographer Ken Bennett compiled some of his favorite photos from the last 21 years. Check them out here.

Humanitate is for showing

The details may change, but the mission is forever. We finished last semester because you cared as much about each other as you did yourselves. It wasn’t easy, convenient or ideal. But you stepped up. As the spring rapidly approaches, we need to remember to once again follow a playbook that worked. Mask up, social distance, wash hands, avoid crowds and when it gets old (and we all know it does), remember we’re doing it all for each other.

Expect the unexpected

In uncertain times, flexibility remains our best friend. This spring we will continue to do everything we can to avoid disrupting the paths you’re pursuing. But we also know that protocols and restrictions fluctuate with new information and circumstances. So whatever comes our way, let’s remain committed to meeting it with the same resolve as we did in the year whose name we will no longer mention.

And always remember… on the holiday made for parties, please be safe this New Year’s. We can’t wait to see you back on campus.

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