Your Corona Chronicle

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Keeping common sense highly contagious

Dashboard Update: We have 82 total known, confirmed positive cases in the last two weeks.

This special Jeopardy-themed edition of Your Corona Chronicle is dedicated to the man with all the answers, the late Alex Trebek.

Universities with Contradictory Mascots for $400

This school claims four former contestants who earned a combined total of $153,099 in winnings and has been referenced 10 times in either a question or answer… on the greatest quiz show in the history of the world as we know it.

Colors that Start with the Letter “O” for $500

You can find it on burning logs, hanging from trees, or right now, on banners around campus that you really shouldn’t steal.
What is ORANGE? Due to increasing numbers, campus will remain in Orange until Thanksgiving break. Be smart, be disciplined, and let’s see this through until the end.

!!Video Daily Double!!
Escape Plan for $1,000

A twisting obstacle course of potential hazards and pitfalls, often filled with interesting characters, cramped spaces and even smaller bags of peanuts.
What is HOLIDAY TRAVEL? If you’re returning home, make sure you’re not taking the virus with you by making a plan. Limit your interaction with others 14 days prior to leaving, avoid crowds and wear your mask. As you make your plan, check out this video on the subject from our very own Dr. Ohl.

Don’t Drink This for $600

This popular shot cannot be found in any bar, ABC store or frat party, and actually helps keep you from getting sick.
What is a FLU SHOT? This year, it is mandatory, and the deadline to submit your flu shot documentation to Student Health Service is December 15. For more detailed information, including possible exemptions, click here.

Potpourri for $800

The one place you can find a Black Panther, a sad little herd of pastel rams and the magic of the ’90s.
The Student Union has your back in the fight against boredom with several events this week, and your Demon Deacon football team takes on UNC. Don’t miss out… check here for a full listing.

And always remember… choosing to ignore the rules might not affect you, but will always put others in jeopardy.

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