Dear Wake Forest community,

Due to the current number of positive cases of COVID-19 among students and concerning trends nationally and locally, Wake Forest will remain in Orange Operating Status through Thanksgiving.

While it is natural to let our guard down when leaving campus and socializing with small groups of family and friends, these are the same circumstances which we believe are principally responsible for the current spike in positive cases.

Two important steps we can take over the next two weeks to limit the risk of exposure are to avoid crowded spaces and to wear a mask when in the presence of other people.

The following protocols will remain in place under the Orange Operating Status:

DINING: On campus, we recommend take-away dining options and discourage indoor sit-down eating; there is a maximum of two people per table. Off campus, avoid frequenting crowded bars and restaurants. Wear a mask, except when you are actively eating.

GATHERING LIMITS: Keep indoor gatherings to no more than 10 people and outdoor gatherings to no more than 25 people (and wear a mask whenever others are present). Social distancing requirements, especially in residence halls, will limit that number further.

EVENTS: Club and organization events should be held virtually. Small group meetings may take place with proper social distancing and masks, however, there should be no eating at such meetings.

QUARANTINE: Continue to cooperate with contact tracing efforts, which have helped us get ahead of the spread by moving students quickly into quarantine.

MOVEMENT: On- and off-campus travel should be only for essential activities. We also ask that you avoid frequenting crowded bars and restaurants.

As you prepare to leave campus for Thanksgiving, I ask that you review the guidance and resources shared by Vice President for Campus Life Penny Rue on November 5 to help you make a plan to protect your personal health, that of your family and the community into which you will return. Wake Forest will communicate soon about expectations of students during break and requirements for returning to campus in January.

Thank you for your resilience and commitment to protecting our community and yours during this period of transition.


Nathan O. Hatch