Dashboard Update: We have 11 total known, confirmed positive cases in the last two weeks.


That’s right. You’ve washed, masked, distanced and sacrificed through our shared path to halfway through the semester. So raise a glass of your finest and take a moment to give yourself some credit. Sure, halfway isn’t all the way but it’s still a ways — all thanks to how you’ve changed your ways for the sake of showing record amounts of Humanitate.

A full menu of half-priced deals

In honor of your accomplishment, our friends at several local businesses like The Porch, Putters, Campus Gas, Burke Street Pizza and more are offering discounts just for you. Don’t wait, they expire soon.

An app a day keeps the COVID at bay

The SneezSafe app and contact tracing is a big reason we’ve made it this far, but the more current its data, the more effective it can be. You’re already on your phone anyway. So please take an extra 30 seconds to enter your info daily and honestly.

Right under your nose…

…just happens to be an awful way to wear a mask. It’s the bad kind of halfway that makes the entire mask useless. So keep it over your nose and mouth and on whenever you’re within six feet of someone (or 12 feet, if you’re working out).

Keep on Deacon on

Halfway is great, but let’s keep our eyes on the prize. Keep the number of people in your gathering to a minimum, practice safe six, put that mask back on when you’re done eating and continue to lean into the common sense and discipline that got you to this point.

And always remember… We’ve got this! Half is just a fraction of what you’re made of.

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