Your Corona Chronicle

Thursday, October 22, 2020
Keeping common sense highly contagious

Dashboard Update: We have 70 total known, confirmed positive cases in the last two weeks.

Orange puts the squeeze on campus
As you’ve heard, we’re moving to Orange Status, which means modified campus operations. For more information on how this will affect life on campus, please read this message.

The doctor is in
…and he can explain what just happened. In this video, public health expert, Dr. Chris Ohl, explains how we can get back on track and into the Yellow..

Everyone loves a graph
Given the rise in administered tests and positive cases, we’ve added a graph to the dashboard. This offers a broader perspective of our current situation. Take a look.

No quarantine, no isolation, no college
If Student Health Service contact tracers request that you quarantine, we need you to comply. Quarantine is hard, and receiving the call telling you it’s your turn is really hard. Asking students to quarantine isn’t a request we take lightly, as we understand it’s a sacrifice, but it’s an absolutely necessary measure to keep college at college.

Off-campus Deacs are on our minds
It’s easy for Deacs living off-campus to feel isolated from the on-campus community. If you live off-campus, please know that every resource we have is available to you during these tough times. We see you, and we’re here for you.

The end is near
The end of the semester, that is. On Monday, you received an email with all the valuable info you’ll need regarding the end of this semester and planning for the spring. Don’t delete it; it’s a keeper.

Now is no time to quit
Just four weeks stand between you and your goal. It hasn’t been easy for anyone, but you’ve made it this far when so many universities have not. Dig in and fight for these four remaining weeks that you’ve more than earned. We are Demon Deacons; we don’t give up.

And always remember… one evening at the bar can lead to 14 days at the Quarantine Hotel.

Have a question? Visit Our Way Forward, send us a question via this form or call our Call Center at 336-758-7500, Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST.