Keeping common sense highly contagious

Dashboard Update: We have 52 total known, confirmed positive cases in the last two weeks.

There’s more to the dashboard

We’ve added a graph that illustrates the results of our asymptomatic testing, as the positivity rate of this testing is a critical indicator of how we’re doing in fighting the spread of COVID-19. We’re beating the odds because you’re wearing masks, keeping six feet apart and gathering in small groups. Keep it up.

Why can’t I test out of quarantine?

That is just one of many isolation and quarantine-related questions that Dr. Chris Ohl, an infectious disease expert at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, answers for us. Why can’t I quarantine with friends? Why 10 days and 14 days? Dr. Ohl answers all here.

A pain in the app?

Not really. Logging into SneezSafe and completing your daily symptom monitoring could be the easiest thing you do all day. It could also be one of the most important. When everyone completes the daily entry, our picture of campus health is more complete. Just 30 seconds a day could keep us from going away.

Make your mental health a priority

While physical health dominates headlines, the importance of your mental health cannot take a backseat — now or ever. None of this is easy, and we strongly encourage each of you to seek the resources available on campus. The University Counseling Center is a great place to start. Also, check out Campus Rec for more in-person opportunities and plug into student organizations and events.

Finding your happy place

Everyone should have a spot to call their own on the campus they call home. If you don’t have one yet, take a look at this photo story from Lauren Berryman (’21) for a little inspiration. Need even more? Explore this photo story from University photographer Ken Bennett.

Plans this weekend?

Stop by the Hanes Gallery (maps) and see the brand new exhibit, “Explorations of Self: Black Portraiture from the Cochran Collection,” that opened this week.

And always remember… to give yourselves some credit. Thanks to your efforts, we’ve got this. Keep going!

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