Your Corona Chronicle
Friday, August 28, 2020
Keeping common sense highly contagious

The signs are everywhere

But right now we’re talking about the flags. We launched the campus operating status and dashboard this week and the color of the day indicates the strength of the threat on campus. We’re yellow and starting well, but we can’t stop now. Thanks for wearing those masks and keeping your distance.

There will be a test

Random testing for students starts this coming week. Get the details here. The first round of notifications will go out on Sunday.

Your room is not a clown car

Wondering how many people can be where? Any more than one guest per resident in a room is too many. And any less than six feet between people is too few. And no more than 10 in a living unit. Find more answers to your policy questions here. But when in doubt, seek more freedom in the great outdoors. Visit Campus Rec for some ideas.

Got weekend plans?

Looking for something to do this weekend or someone new to do stuff with? Check out Corq for events on campus.

Positive? Do tell

If you got tested for COVID-19 off campus and received a positive test result, you need to submit those results to the University’s COVID-19 Coordinator at

And now a word from your president

Student Government President Miles Middleton (’21) shares a few thoughts on how we can all help one another this semester.

And always remember… You make that mask look good, and washing our hands really shouldn’t be anything new. Thank you for caring.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, visit Our Way Forward.

Photo of the Week

Wake Forest Students play corn hole on Hearn Plaza
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