This message was sent on behalf of the Reynolda Cabinet and the Academic Deans.

Dear Wake Forest students,

Traditionally, at the beginning of a new semester, President Hatch sends a message that frames the upcoming semester with reflections and a challenge for how to approach what lies ahead. You have received so many messages over the past few weeks as we prepared for this unusual semester that one more seems almost unnecessary. However, we do have something important to convey: We believe in you. Each of you individually, and all of you collectively.

Our Wake Forest faculty and staff have worked all summer to be ready for this moment. And we know that you anxiously awaited news of whether or not we would be able to come together here on our beautiful campus. We could not be more grateful to welcome so many of you home to Wake Forest, and we look forward to seeing those of you studying remotely in the U.S. and around the globe in online classes and at virtual University events.

We have faith that this community will rise to meet the challenges before us. Let’s show everyone that we have the resolve and resilience to stay on campus until November. Let’s Show Humanitate. Together, we can do this.

With gratitude,

Nathan O. Hatch, President
Rogan T. Kersh, Provost
Jane Aiken, Dean of the School of Law
Andy Chan, Vice President of Innovation and Career Development
John Currie, Director of Athletics
Jim Dunn, Special Assistant to the President & CEO, Verger Capital Management
Julie Freischlag, Dean, Wake Forest University School of Medicine and CEO, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Michele Gillespie, Dean of Wake Forest College
Dwayne Godwin, Dean of the Graduate School, Biomedical Sciences
Charles L. Iacovou, Dean of the School of Business
Todd Johnson, Vice President and Executive Director of Wake Forest University, Charlotte
Brad Jones, Dean of the Graduate Programs in the Arts and Sciences
Eric Maguire, Vice President of Enrollment
Hof Milam, Executive Vice President
J. Reid Morgan, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Mark Petersen, Vice President for Advancement
Mary Pugel, Chief of Staff
Tim Pyatt, Dean of Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Penny Rue, Vice President for Campus Life
José Villalba, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
Jonathan L. Walton, Dean of the School of Divinity