Dear Wake Forest students,

Welcome to the Fall 2020 semester. Our goal this fall – what you desire and what we have been working toward – is to remain on campus until Thanksgiving. Earlier today, I learned of several new confirmed COVID-19 cases among Wake Forest students related to small off-campus social gatherings. Parties and small gatherings – on and off campus – are considered high-risk settings where we know the virus can be transmitted. It is important to remain vigilant, wear a mask and practice social distancing even in small groups. We need to work together, taking extra care and caution, in these challenging times.

The stakes are high this semester. That is our reality. Our success relies on each person doing their part. Please remember as we go into the weekend, one large gathering, one party that infects a large number of people, can close us down. We need everyone’s cooperation so that we can deliver on what we all want and what we’ve worked hard to make possible – your presence here. It is equally important that we not blame or shame our friends and colleagues. We need to Show Humanitate.

Please take a moment to view this video message about our upcoming semester. Thank you for your help and cooperation in these unprecedented times.

With gratitude,

Nathan O. Hatch