Dear Colleagues,

The university has recently updated the Wellness Screening Policy to allow an exemption for faculty and staff who will not come to any Wake Forest campus or property, while this policy is in effect, and who would like to be exempt from completing the SneezSafe daily wellness screening survey. Those individuals may submit their request by completing the wellness screening exemption form. Those who request this exemption agree not to access any Wake Forest campus or property and therefore to have their Deacon OneCard access to campus temporarily suspended.

Faculty and staff who are working remotely, but who may need to travel to campus intermittently, should continue to complete the SneezSafe daily wellness screening survey, including weekends and days when they do not intend to come to campus.

Completing the SneezSafe daily wellness screening is a simple way for our colleagues to monitor their own health. This process helps faculty and staff quickly identify when additional guidance from a medical professional is needed. All faculty and staff have access to the Faculty and Staff Clinic for COVID-related and acute care needs.

If you have questions please contact Human Resources at or (336) 758-4700.

Wake Forest University Human Resources