This message was sent on behalf of Executive Vice President Hof Milam and Provost Rogan Kersh to faculty and staff.

Dear Colleagues,

Many thanks for your supportive engagement as we continue the phased return of faculty and staff to on-site work. The health of our campus community is dependent upon each of us acting for the good of the whole community.

Guided by the spirit of Pro Humanitate, we write to share important actions all faculty and staff need to take before the start of the fall semester. Colleagues who have continued to work on-site throughout the summer should also complete these steps as soon as possible. All of these can be found on the Our Way Forward website.

Return to Campus

Our Return to Campus Toolkit supports all aspects of the return to on-site work process. The development of this toolkit was a collaborative effort among colleagues across campus, with feedback provided by the Faculty Advisory Council and others. It will continue to evolve as additional information becomes available and feedback is incorporated.

Outlined below are the steps all faculty and staff should complete before the start of the fall semester:

  1. If you haven’t already, please confirm with your manager or department head whether and when you should return to on-site work, or whether you should continue to work remotely.
  2. Read the COVID-19 Policies and the COVID-19 Notice to understand actions Wake Forest is taking to minimize the transmission of the virus on university premises.
  3. Complete the COVID-19 Education Module prior to your physical return to campus. All faculty and staff, whether working on-site or remotely, should complete the module no later than August 25.
  4. Log onto Workday to complete the COVID-19 Prevention Policy Acknowledgment via a Workday Inbox Task prior to your physical return to campus or no later than August 25.
  5. Register for SneezSafe and begin completing your daily wellness screening, whether working on-site or remotely.
  6. Utilize the Faculty and Staff Clinic as needed by calling (743) 223-4217.

This semester will require striking a balance between fulfilling the academic and administrative needs of the University while also de-densifying campus. Colleagues who will continue to work remotely should not return to campus unless necessary. Faculty and staff may request one-time campus access prior to August 10 by completing the Campus Access Request Form. Those who are working remotely and need to access campus after August 10 should coordinate with their manager or department head.

Additionally, faculty and staff must practice individual protective measures while on campus. These measures include wearing a cloth face covering, maintaining six feet of distance from others, and washing hands often. Faculty and staff who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been exposed to COVID-19 should not return to campus until cleared by the Faculty and Staff Clinic.

These policies and procedures are vital to affirm and support the university’s commitment to prioritize the health and safety of all Wake Forest community members, based on guidance from the CDC, OSHA, and other federal, state and local agencies.

Faculty and Staff Return to Campus Forum 

We anticipate colleagues may have additional questions and concerns about the return to campus process. We invite faculty and staff to attend a Return to Campus Forum at 9 a.m. this Wednesday, August 5. A Zoom Webinar link to access the forum will be sent out Tuesday. Faculty and staff can submit questions about the return to campus process to the designated Human Resources form.

As we enter a semester truly unlike any before, your commitment to sustaining the essence of Wake Forest is critical for our success. We appreciate your continued dedication to our institution.

Hof Milam
Executive Vice President

Rogan Kersh