Good Afternoon –

We are writing to update you on how cleaning and disinfecting will take place in our residential communities this semester. We wanted to send this to you proactively so you are aware of the work and safety precautions that could take place in your community.

In the event that a student is placed into isolation as a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, an approved vendor would be dispatched to clean and disinfect shared spaces related to that potential COVID exposure. This cleaning and disinfection is performed out of an abundance of caution. Response time from the vendor may vary, but will be no more than 4 hours, and you may need to leave your living unit or avoid shared spaces for up to two hours during the cleaning and disinfection process, and we ask that all students comply with the instructions of the vendor for the safety of our community.

Due to medical privacy laws, we will not be able to share any student(s) name or identifying information with you. However, please be assured that the University has a robust contact tracing protocol, and Student Health Service will contact you should you need to take any additional action.

Finally, please note that our partners in Facilities and Campus Services continue to clean our residential communities (and other buildings) using protocols set out by public health officials, the CDC and OSHA. This means there will be increased cleaning in residential communities, including semi-suite bathrooms on the Quad, and staff may enter spaces more than once a day to complete this work. For more information on the Disinfection and Cleaning of Campus Facilities please visit the policy section of

We appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation as we navigate the semester and work to keep our community safe.

Best –

Zach Blackmon, Ph.D., MBA
Associate Director of Operations