I hope this message finds you well! First, congrats on your recent graduation from Wake Forest. While we were not able to celebrate you on Hearn Plaza, your achievement remains a milestone.

We are writing today because you chose to have items packed during our Spring 2020 move-out process. Your items either have been or are in the process of being packed and put into storage.

Normally when seniors graduate, they have to move out at the end of the day of Commencement. Due to COVID and the risks of travel, we allowed seniors to have their items stored for later pick-up. As we look to prepare for fall, we need to prepare our communities, thus the need to have items packed and stored.

We are happy to store your items until July 18, 2020. We ask that you make arrangements by that date to:

  • Pick up your items; to coordinate pick up, please contact Anna Strejc at strejca@wfu.edu.
  • Have your items shipped to you
  • Have them transferred to private storage in the Winston Salem area; be sure to coordinate pick-up with that storage provider

Once you have confirmed a plan, we will provide additional instructions for how you or the appropriate party will access your items.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at housing@wfu.edu or 336-758-5185.

Best –

Anna Strejc
Coordinator of Assignments and Off-Campus Housing

Zach Blackmon, Ph.D., MBA
Associate Director of Operations