This message was sent to international students and academics on April 24, 2020.

Dear International Students and Scholars,

We are writing this message to you with an update on the Presidential Proclamationthat was issued on April 22, 2020.  The proclamation does not currently impact anyone holding F-1, J-1, or H-1B status.  It also does not affect anyone who has a pending application for adjustment of status to permanent residence.  A summary of the proclamation can be found here.

While this version of the proclamation does not place a ban on nonimmigrants, it does state that additional measures are likely to follow within the next 30 days.  Several federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Labor, and the Department of State are being asked to review all nonimmigrant programs and make recommendations on how to stimulate the United States economy and prioritize hiring and employing U.S. workers.

It is unclear as to what regulatory changes these additional measures could lead to, and this message is in no way intended to bring you unnecessary alarm.  As always, the ISSS team strives to keep you updated and informed on all immigration changes that could potentially impact your legal status in the U.S. Keeping up with rapidly changing global news cycles is difficult but it is important to make sure you are receiving accurate information on issues that affect your visa status.   We will continue to be transparent and communicate frequently with you during these challenging and uncertain times, and we encourage you to do the same.  We are here to assist you and offer support and resources.  Thank you for reading our messages.  Please continue to email with any questions or concerns.

Your ISSS Team