The following message was sent to all residential undergraduate students from the Office of Residence Life and Housing


Good afternoon,

We hope you and yours are well and are navigating the COVID-19 situation as best you can. At Wake Forest, we continue to have to make adaptations to our normal operations.

As you have likely seen, we have announced plans for a highly-structured move out. In doing so, we realize that some students will be unable to, or choose not to, return to campus. Those students have two move out options:

  • Pack-and-Store – professional movers will pack belongings and the University will store them at no charge to the student. Items will be stored in a secure, climate-controlled environment.
  • Pack-and-Ship – students can choose to have some or all of their items shipped. These services will be offered at the student’s expense.

We are happy to announce that we have made arrangements with Storage Scholars to provide additional services for students who may be unable to return to campus. Storage Scholars was founded by Wake Forest students and has grown quickly to now provide services on 13 campuses! Our students are excited to share their passion for entrepreneurship through the student manager and team member experience.

If interested in these offerings, please take a moment to review the information below provided by Storage Scholars. To sign-up for any of these services please visit and click SIGN UP NOW. If you have questions for Storage Scholars, they can be reached at or 336-815-0100.

If you have any questions for the Office of Residence Life and Housing, we can be reached at or 336-758-5185.

Stay safe and well!

Zach Blackmon, Ph.D., MBA

Associate Director of Operations
Office of Residence Life and Housing


During the Spring 2020 Move-Out process, Storage Scholars will provide the following packing, shipping, and storage options to students living in Wake Forest on-campus residential housing.

By choosing to utilize Storage Scholar’s services, you will not only be supporting a mission for students to reach financial freedom from student loans, but you are getting a far more personalized experience with video conferencing while we are in the room, diverse shipping options and your belongings ready and waiting for you in your new residence upon return to campus.

Sam Chason 20

Storage Scholars

First, a couple of important notes from Storage Scholars:

  • If you previously signed up for Storage Scholars and paid the packing fee, that $250 fee will be credited to your Storage Scholars account towards any of the following services.
  • Anytime there is a reference to shipping or storing a box, that translates to a standard box which is 22” x 18” x 18”. They’re proudly made in the USA from 100% recycled material. They’re considered the most protective box in the industry and are designed to keep your items fully protected wherever the box goes.

“Long-Distance Shipping” refers to distances over 1000 miles from Wake Forest University. Long-distance shipments incur an additional $30/box charge.

Spring 2020 Move-Out Packages

Option 1: Pack and ship THE BARE NECESSITIES – $49

Storage Scholars will pack and ship a packing envelope (12.5” x 9.5”) with essential contents from the student’s room. This is the perfect option for those who only need passports, keys, or other essential documents. This option includes video conferencing with student, providing all packing materials, packing the items, and shipment of the contents. A tracking number will be provided immediately following shipment. Insurance coverage of $250 is included for items that might be lost, stolen, or damaged during shipping.

Option 2: Pack and ship SUMMER 2020 ESSENTIALS – $99

Storage Scholars will pack and ship 1 box with essential contents of a student’s room. This is the perfect option for those who need summer clothes or that extra charging cord you left behind. This option includes video conferencing with the student, providing all packing materials and supplies, packing the box of essentials, and shipping anywhere in the continental USA. Insurance coverage up to $250 for lost, stolen, or damaged items are included.

Additional boxes can be shipped at a rate of $50/box ($80/box for long-distance)

Option 3: Pack, Ship Essentials, and Store the Rest – $499

Storage Scholars will pack all belongings and ship up to 1 box with essential contents and store the rest, up to 10 additional boxes or items (i.e. storage drawers). This is the perfect option for all non-graduating students who cannot return to WFU and want their items ready and waiting upon return. This option will include video conferencing with a student, packing and moving all belongings, and includes all of the necessary packing materials. Items being stored will be ready and waiting for you in your new residence on-campus upon return or will be dropped off via appointment for those transitioning to off-campus living.

Additional boxes can be shipped at a rate of $50/box ($80/box for long-distance)

Option 4: Pack and Ship EVERYTHING – $599

Storage Scholars will pack and ship ALL your belongings. This is the perfect option for graduating seniors, transferring students, or those who want everything back at their permanent residence and cannot return to WFU. This option will include video conferencing with room occupants, packing, and shipping room contents for up to 10 boxes. The Storage Scholars team will provide all packing and shipping materials. Anything not able to fit in a box can be stored and will be priced according to standard storage rates:

Long-distance rate – $749.

Additional boxes can be shipped at a rate of $50/box ($80/box for long-distance)

Specialty Items or Questions

Please contact for questions, about shipments of large items, or storage of cars or other vehicles.