This message was sent to undergraduate students on April 27.

Dear Wake Forest Undergraduate,

Over the last few weeks, the undergraduate academic leadership has heard from those of you who requested to have another opportunity to elect a COVID-19 P/F (because you missed the April 17 deadline) and those of you who had previously elected a COVID-19 P/F but would now like to return to a standard letter grade mode (A-F).

In response, this weekend the Deans of the College and the School of Business have authorized a final opportunity to make such grade mode adjustments from now until 11:59 PM EDT on this Thursday, April 30.

You may:

  1. Keep your grade modes as they are (see below) for each of your College courses….hence, take no additional actions.
  2. Move from a standard letter grade mode (A-F) to COVID-19 P/F mode in a course.
  3. Move from a COVID-19 P/F grade mode back to a standard letter grade mode (A-F) (as long as the course is not normally offered as pass/fail only).

Your current grade mode elections for College courses only (as of 4-27 at 8:30 AM EDT) are as follows:

[Student courses and selections listed here.]

On Friday, (before this decision by the Deans) you were provided access to a separate Form with a use-by deadline of Monday. If you have used that form to elect a COVID-19 P/F in one or more of your classes, those elections will be honored.

However, if you wish to change any additional courses to COVID-19 P/F or return to a standard letter grade mode (A-F) from a COVID-19 P/F grade mode, please use this new Form. You do not need to repeat any elections you have previously made on another Form.

I know this is confusing, but the decisions concerning this COVID-19 P/F Option have been fluid these last few days, as the Deans listened to your comments/concerns and acted to help you.

This is your final opportunity to change a grade mode for the Spring 2020 semester with the deadline for these elections being Thursday (04/30) by 11:59 PM EDT. After this deadline, we will notify each of your instructors with your elections.


Harold L Pace
University Registrar