This message was sent on March 16.

Dear WFU Summer and Short-Term Study Abroad Students and Faculty,

In light of recent worldwide developments regarding COVID-19 and WFU’s newly enacted policy to restrict non-essential travel through June 30, 2020, the following study abroad programs are being cancelled effective immediately:

  • WFU/Australia: Ecology & Resources Management
  • WFU/Cambridge: British Literature & the Definition of Britishness
  • WFU/Cuba: Cuban Culture & Society
  • WFU/Egypt: Arabic & Middle Easter Studies
  • WFU/Rome: Social Psychology
  • WFU/Salamanca Internship
  • WFU/Salamanca: Spanish 212 – Language, Literature, & Culture
  • WFU/Sorrento: Italian Language Study
  • WFU/Tours: French Language Studies
  • WFU/Vienna: European Literature in Translation
  • WFU/Copenhagen: Millennials, Politics, and Culture
  • WFU/Greece: Blue Zones – Lessons on Wellbeing
  • WFU/Greece: Art, Archaeology, and Culture of Ancient Greece
  • WFU/Summer Internships – Bangkok, Dublin, London, Madrid, and Paris

Given the above cancellations, program deposits and any other program-related payments made to WFU will be refunded to student accounts. Similarly, any scholarship funds awarded to you by GPS will revert back to the University. If you have made any flight arrangements, then contact the airlines directly to make the necessary adjustments to your travel plans. Students enrolled in a short-term program will hear from their faculty in the coming days about options for continued course enrollment without the abroad component.

For programs that begin in Summer Session II, a final determination will be made and communicated to you during the first week of May. For now, you should refrain from purchasing any airfare. Affected programs include the following:

  • WFU/Barcelona: Legal Environment of Business
  • WFU/India: Culture, Communication, & History
  • WFU/London: Introduction to Western Theater (Worrell House)
  • WFU/London: College Chemistry II
  • WFU/St. Vincent & the Grenadines
  • WFU/Vienna: Introduction to Philosophical Ideas

We understand that the decision to cancel programs will come as a disappointment to many of you. However, it is the only course of action taking into consideration all of the current factors at hand. In the weeks ahead, we will be in touch with additional information regarding Summer II programs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sean McGlynn, Study Abroad Advisor for Summer Programs, at


David F. Taylor
Assistant Dean for Global Study Away