This message was sent on March 23.

Hello –

It has been a rapidly changing week at Wake Forest and throughout the world due to COVID-19 and we write today to update you on a recent change that affects you. Thank you for your extraordinary patience and flexibility during this time of crisis.

Our operations are based on public health guidance; as that guidance changes, so do our needs. Due to concerns about community spread of the virus within North Carolina, we received a recommendation from public health officials on Friday to limit the occupancy of each residence hall room to one student. As a result, we reassigned some individuals to new rooms on campus and worked with movers to move them on Saturday morning. Each of you is receiving this message because you either (a) moved into a new room, or (b) had a student move into your room while you are away from campus.

In some cases, there may be three of you on this email because it is unclear which of you has moved out. If you have fully vacated your on-campus space, please contact us at so that we can update our records accordingly and provide instructions for returning any outstanding keys.

As we navigate these unprecedented times, we wanted to offer some guidance for each of you:

  • Feel free to communicate with each other to ask questions or share concerns. That is why we’re emailing you as a group, so you can connect.
  • Show respect for each other and each other’s property.
  • Realizing that many of you left for spring break, there may be perishable items in the room that need to be discarded. We simply ask that you communicate with each other should this need arise.
  • If you need to relocate items in shared spaces (e.g., bathrooms, kitchens), please communicate with your roommate(s).
  • For those sharing bedrooms, you should have access to one full set of furniture (e.g., bed, desk, dresser, closet/wardrobe). If the furniture has things in/on them, please contact your community director ( for a box in which you may carefully pack those items.
  • Students currently away from campus should not try to return to campus at this time. As shared previously, the deadline for accessing your space for the purpose of retrieving items was March 17.
  • We understand that having someone you may or may not know move into your room while away is not what you anticipated, and we regret any inconvenience this may cause. Please know that this decision had to be made in an effort to protect the health of all who remain on campus.

    Thank you for your understanding, flexibility, and patience in light of these unprecedented public health concerns.