This message was sent on March 15.

Faculty and Staff colleagues-

As we all work to successfully adjust to our newest operational reality at Wake Forest, and do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 where possible, we wanted to be sure and provide you with updated information regarding your School of Business facilities, IT, and building operations as of this evening.

Wake Forest University is now operating in a remote-working arrangement for all colleagues. Only employees deemed essential for the current operating status of the University by their Dean or VP are to be working on-site as of Monday, March 16, 2020. All other colleagues are expected to work from home. We will provide some limited support for on-site work that cannot be completed remotely; that support is described below.

WFUSB facilities access and availability
Beginning tomorrow, the exterior doors of Farrell Hall will be open to all WFUSB faculty, staff and students via a valid university ID. All office suites, administrative areas and the Brockway Recruiting Center have been closed to allow WFUSB faculty and staff access only. We can likely expect building access to become more limited as the situation progresses.

The Service Desk of the Student Engagement Suite in Farrell Hall will be open and staffed on a rotating basis during the business day on Monday, March 16th. Those staff colleagues will work to assess the volume of students in the building, and determine the most effective steps for transitioning to a remote work approach for the Service Desk, tracking/directing calls, updating system records, and responding to inquiries from off-site.

The Wake Forest Charlotte Center will be closed, but will remain accessible to WFUSB faculty and staff via a valid university ID.

As we can all expect for this situation to remain very dynamic, potentially resulting in more limited facility operations in the future, all personnel are encouraged to pick up any necessary items for remote work as quickly as possible. Staying home can help to save lives in our community!

Morning beverage service
For those personnel who are deemed essential at this time and will be working on-site, the Aramark morning beverage will be suspended, so please bring your morning mojo with you!

Farrell Hall custodial cleaning and sanitation services
The Budd Group will continue daily and evening cleaning operations at this time until a decision is made otherwise.

Onsite security personnel
Security personnel will continue to monitor the building, but will shift their hours from 3pm until 11pm. Early morning patrols will continue standard operating procedures.

Campus Mail Services
Campus Mail Services will continue to operate, with some possible adjustments, following a review early this week by mail services colleagues. As long as operating procedures allow it, we will work to ensure that campus mail services retains access to typical centralized mail drop locations within the building. The School of Business recommends not placing any new orders for items requiring delivery to the University or our building locations, as we cannot predict the availability of future university services and building operations. We are also unaware of decisions that might be implemented by Amazon, UPS, FedEx or freight shipping companies.

Aramark will be operating The Pit, Subway and Chick-fil-A until further notice. Updated information including operation hours can be found here.

Voicemail to email
Staff received a message from Keith Gilmer earlier today with information and guidance for staff working remotely. Instructions to forward your Farrell Hall work phone can be found here. This change can be completed online. Also as a reminder, instructions for accessing your voicemail from off campus can be found here.

If you do not have voicemail-to-email set up currently (most Faculty and Staff do) please contact the School of Business Help Desk for assistance.

WFUCC facility users should contact the School of Business Help Desk for guidance on how to set up remote call forwarding from desk lines to personal phones.

Voicemail script
If helpful, here is a sample voicemail script you may consider when updating the greeting on your WFU work phone. Complete Instructions for that process can be found here.

“Beginning Monday, March 16, and continuing until further notice, Wake Forest University has moved to virtual instruction and remote business operation practices. I will therefore be away from the office, but will be checking both voicemail and email regularly. Please leave your name, number and a detailed message following the tone, and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.”

Keep in mind that if you forward your work phone on to a personal phone, you may want to consider altering your personal phone voicemail to an appropriate greeting for business callers.

Online Training Opportunities
In light of the current University operating status, all training scheduled for next week will be conducted virtually via Webex. If you are already registered for a class, you do not need to do anything, and connection information will be sent to you.

If you are not yet registered, but would like to attend one of the sessions, please click on the appropriate registration link(s) below:

Teaching Online: Transforming residential classes into online classes

Monday, March 16th at 1:30pm – ONLINE via Webex – Click here to register
TechSmith Relay for Recording and Sharing Content
Monday-Friday, 9:30 am – ONLINE via Webex – Click here to register
Using Webex to Teach or Meet Remotely
Monday-Thurs, 11:00 am; Friday 1:30 pm – ONLINE via Webex – Click here to register
Watch the recorded session now!

Recording Studio and Classroom reservation process and availability

Classroom Recordings
Unless/until space access policies change, Farrell Hall classrooms can be utilized by faculty or staff to facilitate “on-demand” class recordings. To ensure quality recordings, the IT Department will assist classroom recording requests with mics and/or camera angle adjustments.

Recording Studio (Farrell Hall 333)
Unless/until space access policies change, the 3rd floor Recording Studio will be staffed and open for those faculty or staff who wish to create content for their online classes. Please allow 15 minutes between reservations to reset the studio.
Click here to schedule a classroom or studio recording session

  • Log into DeaconSpace with your WFU Google account
  • Use the Date & Time section and then click Search
  • Click on the “+” button to add a room to your reservation
  • Click Add Room
  • Click on the Next Step button
  • Select your Group and your Name from the drop down
  • Click Create Reservation

All Classroom and Recording Studio sessions must be confirmed by a member of the IT Department.

Drive up deliveries
For those uncomfortable or unable to enter the building, we are happy to try and collect items from office spaces for pickup. Please contact the IT Help Desk and we will do our best to accommodate such requests for as long as space access policies allow it.

Website resources
Please continue to monitor the main university website,, for the latest information regarding the University’s operating status and response to this challenging event. Furthermore, the WFU “KeepTeaching” website ( and its School of Business specific landing page ( are both fantastic sites offering instructional guidance and resources to better equip faculty and staff for teaching and communicating virtually.

Contacting the WFUSB IT & Building Operations team
Our department will continue to make itself available for all building and IT support needs. All normal channels of communications will be monitored at this time, and we encourage you to contact the School of Business Help Desk (336-758-4126 or so that we may best support our community during this challenging time.

We thank everyone for their understanding and patience during this continually evolving crisis, as we work to deliver the same level of personal and professional courtesy to you.

Blessed health everyone!

John G. Owen
Executive Director, Building Operations