Sun, Mar 15, 2020  7:19 PM

Dear Colleagues,

This email is designed to give you a sense of how we are going to move forward. We have sent emails to the faculty and staff whom we are asking to come daily to the law school. Those of you required to be at the law school should go to the TeReSe talk on Tuesday at noon for the Webex training and to learn about what we are doing during this time. You will have a handful of emails from Aurora that will guide your work. For those of you not on site, we will be asking you to report on what you have accomplished during the day. Stay tuned for the work plans that will be sent soon.

Thank you all for your help in all of this. I know we will be asking many of you to take on tasks different from those you were assigned, particularly when your regular tasks are no longer required. I have forwarded below the email I sent to the students that answers a number of questions that you may also have.

With the cancellation of many law school events and conference travel, we need to be not only reactive but proactive. We will use this opportunity to focus on new opportunities to strengthen Wake Forest Law and its offerings.

We are living in unprecedented times. I am convinced that our strong Wake Forest Law community will adapt and move through this, to become even more resilient and innovative.

Who could have predicted so much change in my first year as your dean? I’m so proud of the work we have accomplished thus far and the great experiences ahead of us as we rally together.




Jane H. Aiken
Dean, Wake Forest School of Law
P.O. Box 7206
Winston-Salem, NC 27109