this message is sent on behalf of Facilities & Campus Services on March 20:

To Reynolda Campus faculty and staff:

In an effort to conserve energy for the duration of the University’s remote-working directive, the Facilities & Campus Services Department is in the process of implementing an energy conservation program for our academic, administrative, athletic, and residential buildings.

Similar to the winter break setback program, we will operate at higher than usual cooling setpoints and lower than usual heating setpoints. Our heating and air conditioning systems’ run times will be reduced, and they may begin cycling to maintain the unoccupied high and low space temperature limits. We are aware with warmer weather comes the potential for higher humidity, so we will closely monitor building conditions and adjust scheduling and temperatures accordingly.

Staff or faculty who intend to visit or work on campus during this period are advised to wear appropriate clothing.

For departments that would like more information or that may have special environmental needs in their space during this period, please contact Doug Ecklund at and state your special needs as soon as possible.

Thank you.