This message was sent on March 13.

Good Afternoon Campus Life and Campus Life Partners,

We hope that everyone is well! Campus Life has been provided guidance from the COVID-19 Special Events Committee regarding the status of all university events, both on and off campus. Please also review the Event Cancelation Checklist to understand the necessary steps to cancel your events. Please read this entire email for guidance.

Department Sponsored Events:
Please note if your unit/department is sponsoring an event it is your responsibility to follow the guidance below and cancel your event(s).

Student Organization Events:
The Office of Student Engagement will communicate with organizations that registered their event on The LINK. If you advise an organization that has been planning an event please reach out to them and assist them in canceling.

Space Managers – Ongoing Requests:
It is the responsibility of individual space managers to review all existing external requests and cancel as necessary using the guidance below.

From the COVID19 Special Events Committee:
“Effective immediately, we are postponing, canceling or virtualizing any Wake Forest University-sponsored in-person event with an expected attendance of more than 50 people taking place on-campus or off-campus. We are monitoring health advisories as they relate to our situation and will communicate more information on or before April 15.

If you are planning an event with fewer than 50 people, we ask you to consider the following questions to determine whether your programs should also be canceled or rescheduled:

  • Will a significant number of attendees be in high-risk categories, including individuals over the age of 60?
  • Will the program be in close quarters or require considerable personal interaction?
  • Are any events scheduled to be hosted in private homes?
  • Are participants coming from locations with high infection rates?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then we strongly urge you to cancel, postpone or virtualize the program.”

If you are still unsure if the event should occur we have been advised to ask “is the event critical to the core mission of Wake Forest University as it relates to COVID-19”?

Required Event Cancelation Checklist:
Below is a checklist to ensure all items are considered. Please use the systems in place to cancel any of the items below. (ie: DeaconSpace, Catertrax, etc.) Please do not email individuals to cancel if there is a system in place as we will inundate their inbox.

  • Cancel event DeaconSpace
  • Remove from University Events Calendar
  • Remove from The Link Calendar
  • Cancel any related facilities requests: call x4255 to cancel
  • Cancel any related catering requests
  • Cancel any related parking and transportation requests
  • Cancel any security requests: e-mail Sgt. Paul Hudson (
  • Cancel any external vendor services/rentals (chairs, tables, tents, etc.)
  • Cancel any hotel rooms or blocks
  • Request any related airline refunds
  • Please cancel any IS/AV Tech support requests
  • Please review contractual obligations. If you need additional guidance please contact Kathy Arnett (
  • Any checks that have been issued and are being held to give to a vendor/performer on day of the event, please return check to Accounts Payable with a note explaining that event was canceled and no contractual obligations need to be met.
  • If we owe a portion of the original amount please email for guidance on how to reissue the payment

Please pause on the coordination of events after April 15th until we have further guidance. If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks so much in advance! We appreciate all that you are doing!

Tim Wilkinson
Amy Ciaccia