This message was sent on March 20.

Dear Colleagues,

I write with an update regarding our facilities. As we mentioned in our faculty and staff meetings, we continue to take proactive steps to minimize the health risks to our community and enable all colleagues to work from home. As a result, access to Farrell Hall and our Charlotte location will be suspended beginning at 5pm tomorrow (Saturday, 3/21). Student access by key card was suspended for both School of Business locations earlier today. Any office items that you think you will need as you continue to work remotely should be picked up prior to the above deadline.

If you find it absolutely necessary to access our facilities after 5pm tomorrow, you should contact the School of Business Help Desk ( or 336-758-4126). To minimize the impact on our IT, facilties, custodial, and other staff colleagues, all such requests will be reviewed by me before approval for access is granted.

Thank you for everything you are doing to enable our staff to be safer at home with their families, and enable us to redirect the energies of our “essential on-site” colleagues on meeting the basic needs of the students who are unable to leave campus, at this time. While our new “mode” of teaching, learning, working, engaging with and supporting each other comes with many challenges, I continue to be impressed by the positive spirit, resourcefulness, creativity, and patience that you have shown in the past few days.

Thank you for your understanding, and continued support of our students and each other. And please take care of yourself and your families and friends.

Charles Iacovou, Dean