Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

As new developments about the COVID-19 pandemic emerge, questions continue to arise about a variety of benefits and other considerations. Below, please find several pertinent updates:

COVID-19 Tests:

The Medical Plan covers the cost of COVID-19 tests in full, and the latest BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Coronavirus information is available on the BCBSNC website. Medical Plan coverage will continue for enrolled and actively employed individuals, even if they are not working any hours, until further notice.

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, have undergone testing for the virus, or have tested positive, inform Human Resources as soon as possible by contacting Melissa Clodfelter at or (336) 758-3079. We will work with the Department of Public Health and the Wake Forest Student Health Service to determine the best course of action. You must work remotely or stay at home until you have been contacted by HR or your supervisor.

Essential Employees:

Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety are maintaining a complete list of all essential employees that are required to be on campus due to the critical nature of the services they provide. All supervisors with essential employees who have not already communicated this information to HR or EHS should complete the Essential Employees form immediately. Updates to the list should also be provided through the form, as essential employee designations may change as the situation evolves. Essential employees and their supervisors should follow industry-specific COVID-19 guidelines, including resources published by the Department of Labor and the Department of Health & Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food & Drug Administration. WFU general safety precautions and employee exposure classifications are available on the EHS website. Employees who are deemed essential should send questions about health and safety guidelines to, and a colleague in EHS will respond.

Employees who are not designated to provide essential services should remain at home, even if their work cannot be performed remotely. If a colleague must come to campus, they should discuss the need with their unit head or supervisor, who should then inform Melissa Clodfelter. It is imperative for the University to record all instances of faculty and staff on campus in the event contact tracing is needed due to cases of COVID-19. Faculty and staff should not bring their children or other visitors to campus until normal operations resume.


Remote access to board-certified doctors is available around the clock by registering online, texting “bcbsnc” to MDLive (635483), or calling (888) 657-9982. Additionally, telephonic behavioral health consultations are available by calling (800) 475-7900 or visiting the Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (CBHA) website.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

The EAP now offers telephonic counseling on topics such as anxiety and depression by calling (336) 716-5493.

Prescription Drug Plan:

WFU Medical Plan members can now refill their maintenance medications before the refill date, and new policies are being implemented for prior authorization and specialty medication extensions. Contact OptumRx (plan number 009335) for more information:
-General Inquiries: (844) 265-1875
-Specialty Pharmacy: (855) 427-4682
-Mail Order Program: (888) 869-4600

Potential Reassignments:

Human Resources will be collaborating with departments to reassign individuals with lessened workloads, where possible, to help complete the work that is most pressing during this pandemic. Leaders can use forms to request staff in high-volume areas or identify potential reassignments, and Human Resources will contact employees to communicate any reassignments that are offered.

Please know that we are continuously working to provide as much information as quickly as possible during these unprecedented times. The University will continue to communicate the latest determinations and will update the Faculty & Staff Information page of the COVID-19 website as new details are available.

Thank you for your collaboration, patience, and thoughtful questions, as we explore solutions to best serve our University community.

Carmen Canales
Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
Wake Forest University